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Welcome to Kenya’s leading Media Tracking and Monitoring Service. We enable our clients to monitor their needs across all media through extensive coverage, highly qualified professionals and cutting edge technology. Our specialist expertise helps you plan and improve your corporate and brand communication and Public Relation efforts. Greenbox gives you the power to plan, monitor and evaluate your media coverage.

Media Tracking is the business of keen observation and analysis. Gauging the market with business intelligence provided by media watch and news tracking, we offer you an undisputed advantage for today’s volatile corporate business sustenance. Media tracking has emerged as one of prime aspects in decision making that gives organisations the acumen to act proactively for greater and wider Business Opportunities.


News Monitoring – Print Media: Tracking Mainstream Newspapers, Magazines and Trade Press

News Monitoring – Broadcast Media: Tracking Television and Radio News Channels

News Monitoring – Online Media: Tracking 1,000,000 Websites, Independent News Portals and Blogs

Social Media Monitoring: Tracking Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google+ and other platforms

Executive Media Summaries: Top-level Overview of Media Coverage.

Social Media Alerts 24×7: Get an SMS, Email Alert when Important Activity Breaks

News Alerts 24×7: Get an SMS, Email Alert when Important News Breaks


PR Measurement and Evaluation: Identify What is not Working and Finetune your Efforts

Social Media Analytics: Structured Insights from Vast Amounts of Unstructured Data


Content Creation – Text: Professionally-created Press Releases, Blogs, Tweets, Comments

Content Creation – Photos, Images: Professionally-edited photos for your press releases, website, social media

Content Creation – Videos: Video Clippings, Graphics, Sub-titling and Editing for online channels

Content Creation – Infographics: Communicate Complex Data in an Easy-to-Understand Image.

Content Creation – Translations: Manual Translation to Enhance Reach of Content


Media Contacts Database: Contact Details of Publications, Journalists, Writers

Social Media Contacts Database: Contact Details of Bloggers, Social Media Influencers


Press Release Distribution: Easy, Effective Dissemination to Traditional, Online Media

Content Channels – Branded Newsletters: Your News, Your Newsletter for Your Customers, Vendors, Employees

Content Channels – eBooks: eBooks containing text, photos, infographics, videos

Content Channels – Responsive Websites: A responsive website displays well across desktops, tablets and mobile phones

Content Channels – Mobile Apps: Development of Mobile for Android and IOS phones

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