Instagram Management and Marketing FAQs

Instagram Management and Marketing FAQs

Yes, we shall keep track of all people which we shall follow and will unfollow all of them at the end of the campaign.

We shall try our best to give you our best performance and expecting to gain 10-20+ targeted followers daily. But in most cases it depends on your account age, category, niche and content of your Instagram posts.

Yes, we fully understand the value and usage of hashtags for a proper research to launch the campaign.

Yes, we try our best to gain targeted followers that are relevant to your Instagram account category, niche and location.

After receiving your order details and requirements have been filled, then we shall start our work process to research and launch the campaign within 48 business hours.

Yes, it is recommended that you properly filled your account bio and have profile picture. You can continue using your account and keep posting your regular posts to gain maximum performance from us.

It is recommended that your account should be 30 days old minimum and have about 12-14 posts. If you do not meet these requirements, do not worry, we shall assist you to grow the account.

It is recommended that you provide us the details such as: your account age, your targeted audience, location, your targeted hashtags (to analyze and research your campaign), few of your competitors/similar accounts (to analyze and research your campaign).

Yes, during the managing period we need Instagram username and password to launch and run the campaign, and don't be worried! your account is safe.

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