Wikipedia Services

We are experienced Wikipedia editors with years of experience and we shall create you an independent Wikipedia page.

The process

We begin by researching the subject to determine if it passes Wikipedia’s guidelines on notability, and to see if there are enough solid third-party references out there to prove that notability. If we take on the subject, we will research, write and post the entry. We will send you a draft before the entry goes live. We can also update and improve existing articles. We write our entries in a neutral, encyclopaedic tone, verifying each fact with a respected third-party source. Our approach is academic, and our goal is to add/revise factually accurate, properly sourced subjects of public interest to Wikipedia.

This is what we shall also do:

  • Format your article on Wikipedia with a high-quality performance (with photos)
  • Post your article on Wikipedia and reviewed (with resources and social media presence)
  • Create you a corporate profile with information and create a story.

What we need from you:

References, third pages that have featured your website such as newspapers or blogs, Photos

Pricing and timeframe

Creating a new entry generally takes about two weeks. We offer an expedited option as well. Because each entry is tailored specifically to the subject and therefore involves a differing amount of work, the price for each entry varies.

Order with confidence! It’s a quality job.

Wikipedia Existing Page Editing
Ksh16,580 (US$165)
Editing an existing Wikipedia Page
Text editing
Inserting Images & Logo /image,
Add External or Internal links
Adding References /reference,
Content Research Fees
Wikipedia New Page Creation
Ksh44,110 (US$440)
Create new page
Format article on Wikipedia
High-quality performance (with photos)
Review with resources and social media presence
Corporate profile with information and create a story.
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